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We are the top choice for home or workplace restoration: Standard Restoration Boise. Equipped with the latest tools and gadgets as well as innovations in construction, we establish the standards.

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Standard Restoration Boise

Below are some of the crucial measures taken by Standard Restoration Boise to remove molds from your property:

Mold Detection

It is often tricky to identify where and in which form molds exist in your property.

The reason is because not all mold damage is visible or exposed. Molds decay at a place that cannot be seen by the naked eye. In some cases, mold can only be found during renovation or if a resident gets a mold-related illness. They thrive in places that are rich in moisture and hidden from the sun. This poses a significant problem due to the health issues that the mold can trigger, as well as what it can do to damage your house or property's value.

Mold Detection

We can find molds in your property using our improved mold testing. Our experts from Standard Restoration Boise offer services and inspect the home to find molds on-site so that they can begin with its removal process. Detection will be given priority to make sure that all molds would be eliminated during the mold removal operation.

Containment of Mold

In remediating mold and performing damage control, it is essential to keep mold spores from spreading. Containment processes include air chambers as well as other cutting edge approaches to trap and contain mold at the affected site.

All these are vitally important to individuals who have allergies or other health problems associated with long-term exposure to mold. Identification and discovery are significant steps before immediate containment for a maximum protection from re-growth of molds in your property.

Our team also evaluates the heating and cooling system of your property to see how air movement could be affecting the growth and spreading of mold in the building. All aspects that could help reinforce the containment of mold would be considered and done according to the conditions that your property is in.

Additionally, there are specific multi-point systems that we follow to make sure that containment is effective. This is not something that every firm does, but it is an integral part of our work flow in Standard Restoration Boise.

Mold elimination

Another crucial part of dealing with a mold scenario is to take the affected items away from the site. Since it is airborne, utilizing air purifiers and cleaners would also be beneficial to completely eliminate the mold spores that are still lurking in the air inside the property.

Our team offers free inspections and estimates from accredited and licensed technicians. This is all to assure you that the job done would be rendered properly and with utmost care to keeping the service up par to standards.

We also do emergency recovery and disaster cleanup, and most importantly, we are always ready to help you restore your property and make it look good as new! Feel free to air to us your concerns about your property and we will be more than willing to resolve your problem for you.

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